Do you have a feeling the clients you are seeing might have an eating disorder? Maybe you’re curious about the various characteristics, symptomatology and signs of eating disorders.

This video will provide you with an introduction to the various eating disorder diagnosis. There are many inaccurate beliefs about eating disorders and misconceptions. As health care providers, we simply don’t learn enough about how to accurately spot (and treat) these diseases. However, you likely will come in contact with individuals struggling.

What’s covered in this video:

  • Overview of the risk factors leading to the development of an eating disorder
  • Diagnostic criteria for each eating disorder diagnoses (including ARFID and OSFED)
  • Behavioral, emotional, and physical signs and symptoms of each diagnoses 
  • Specific medical complications related to each

What’s included:

  • 60 minute webinar
  • Copy of accompanying slides

Please note: this course includes webinar + slides only. For access to additional handouts, research and more you can purchase the complete course here

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