As substance addictions become an increasing (and significant!) health challenge, dietitians have to adapt to support clients with recovery. This guide aims to clarify the role of food in addictions treatment, what a dietitian can do in a treatment program, and how nutrition care is tailored to the unique needs of individuals in recovery. 

There’s a multitude of moving pieces to take into consideration when learning about addictions and how it impacts clients’ health. Dietitians, Karen & Cristel, who have extensive experience with vulnerable populations, put together this comprehensive guide to answer:

  • Why should dietitians be part of every treatment care team?
  • What are typical position requirements for a recovery center dietitian?
  • How do we support Food Service operations with audits, menus and recipes?
  • What should we consider when educating staff on modified diets?
  • How do we approach clinical care & nutrition education with clients in recovery? 
  • What are common concurrent medical conditions & suggested treatment for this population?  
  • How do we respond to mental health challenges and address their impact on sobriety?


  • Overview of Substances (types, use, effects) for Heroin, Fentanyl, Meth, Cocaine, Nicotine, Alcohol & Cannabis 
  • Templates of forms to use for food service administration & nutrition counseling 
  • References & additional resources to further enhance your practice  
  • Easy Navigation with hyperlinked sections & icons to visually to guide your attention   


  • Plan to create a proposal for a new dietitian role in an addiction recovery center    
  • Are starting a new job position in addiction recovery & need all the tools to set-up position quickly  
  • See general outpatient clients or mental health patients who might be struggling with addictions or substance abuse 
  • Want to expand their knowledge out of interest & curiosity! 

DOWNLOAD THIS GUIDE for the price of ONE dietitian consulting session to get on the speed track to understanding nutritional therapy for addiction recovery. 

Questions!? Email Cristel at [email protected]  

Outline: introduction, food services overview, special diets, clinical care, common medical conditions, mental and physical wellness, wholistic addiction treatment, substances overview and forms in appendices


Please email me with any questions or concerns at [email protected]. I will be happy to help you!

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