Have you been asked to give a presentation?
Maybe people in your community are interested in learning about “new” diets and trends in diets.

Maybe you’re not sure where to start or what “position” to take.

Maybe you don’t have lots of time to do research and make a presentation.

I’ve been there! Its might not be comfortable but it is definitely possible to give a presentation to a community group without spending long hours getting ready for it. 

This presentation is a general overview of what a vegan diet is and explains the differences between vegan, vegetarian (types of vegetarian) and plant based. 

Topics include who might benefit, who might not do well on a vegetarian diet, foods to include, foods to avoid, and non-diet reasons that people choose vegetarian diets.

This presentation is general in nature and does not strongly advocate for or against vegetarian diets.

The goal of this presentation is general audience education, to inform audience members of the definition, benefits, and concerns related to vegetarian diets. 

You can customize this presentation to be more specific or in depth on any topic.
You can customize this presentation with your own branding and you own product / service offers.

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