Ready to step into the gyms and develop a career as a fitness RD? Then show up with a group nutrition program ready to go! I have sold this reset to gyms at a flat rate and to individuals for $99 so I know if you buy this bundle you will immediately make this back if you sell it!

This bundle provides the 3 main components you need to launch the 28 Day Mind on Nutrition Reset!

  1. Goal Setting Tracker Worksheets
  2. The 28 Day Mind on Nutrition Reset Guidebook .pdf
  3. 28 Infographics to schedule as daily tasks in a Facebook Group!

Goal Setting Worksheets:

Have members sign up for a goal setting session and in person or on the phone, use this to interview the member what their goals are and then send this file to them!

They will track their progress throughout the 28 days using this worksheet. On Day 28 they submit them to you! #Accountability

28 Day Mind on Nutrition Reset Guidebook

This 38-page white labeled guidebook is your guide to running this challenge. It is what each member should get when registering for the reset and you should read this too to understand the reset.

28 Mind on Nutrition Reset Infographics

Schedule each daily tasks in the Facebook group where you will house the documents! I share the guidebook in the facebook group + weekly meal plans, recipes’ and grocery lists.

These are white labeled but have #mindonnutrition on each graphic.

This program can also be included in Healthie Programs!

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