Use this collection of real resumes and cover letters (including templates) as a reference to optimize your own unique job applications!

When I was job hunting, I searched high and low for examples of Dietitian resumes and cover letters to no avail.

I found it really challenging to ask fellow RDs to see their resume. It was almost as if it was taboo, that I was somehow going to steal their job if they let me see their resumes. (That’s totally not true, BTW!)

I 100% believe in collaboration over competition, and that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Since I optimized my application:interview ratio, I wanted to share my resumes with you in hopes of helping you get more interviews too!

That’s why I bundled all my job applications that got me interviews into this convenient resource!

This is a compilation of all the actual resumes that got me interviews. Seeing examples of Dietitian resumes and cover letters used in real life will help take away some of the stress and uncertainty of the job application process for you!

You’ll learn:

– How to tailor your application to match the job posting for the best chance of being called for an interview. Includes Dietitian cover letters & resumes with corresponding job postings (from actual real jobs!). Each application included got the interview.
– Learn how to tailor your own unique resume experiences to different types of jobs! Complete applications from jobs for community, outpatient, supermarket, media, and foodservice RD roles, plus a sample clinical Dietitian resume.

Refer to these real Registered Dietitian resumes and cover letters to see how each application is tailored to the skills listed in the job posting. You can also see how the resumes compare between different types of jobs.

Obviously the experience is the same, but seeing the various resumes side-by-side will teach you how to highlight different skills, roles, accomplishments, and demographics to match the job you’re applying for.

What’s included in the Dietitian Resumes & Cover Letter Examples Collection?

Resume & Cover Letter Templates

Use the templates to write your own cover letter & resume more quickly and efficiently!

16 Dietitian Resumes including:

Community Dietitian Resumes

  • Nutrition Programmer, After School Nutrition/Cooking Program
  • Community Health Worker, Food Security & Community Development at Community Health Centre
  • Food Bank Coordinator at Non-For-Profit
  • Dietitian, Diabetes Outpatient at Community Health Centre
  • Public Health Nutritionist for Local Health Region

Supermarket Dietitian Resumes

  • Supermarket RD, National Supermarket Chain
  • Grocery Store Dietitian, National Supermarket Chain
  • Registered Dietitian, National Pharmacy Chain

Media Dietitian Resumes

  • Manager/Social Media Associate, Dietitian Social Media Company
  • Virtual Assistant, Breast Cancer Blogger/Business Owner
  • Dietitian Blog Author & Editor Positions, Plant-Based Blog
  • Dietitian Writer for Today’s Dietitian Publication

Clinical Dietitian Resume

  • Clinical Dietitian, Hospital Inpatient

Food Service Dietitian Resumes

  • Food Safety Coordinator, Local Organic Food Box Organization
  • Dining Supervisor at Private Retirement Home
  • Food Services Supervisor, Long Term Care Home

The job posting, cover letter and resume for each job application are included (wherever possible).

Plus, bonus tips on:

  • Cover letter & resume writing tips
  • Job application tips

This is honestly priceless information that is going to help you so, so much in your job search!

Get it now!

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