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Have clients been asking you about how to read a nutrition label? Do you have folks who are constantly asking you about sugar, sodium, or fat? Have you been struggling with where to start? Look no further! This family-friendly, 45-60 minute long workshop is perfect for guiding adults and school-age children through learning how to read food labels, and understanding sugar, sodium, and fat. And, now it comes with an online version and a complete script!  

Created using a dialogue approach, this workshop engages your learners with a thought-provoking question about what they find most confusing about nutrition labels; expands their knowledge about labels, sodium, sugar, and fat; exercises that knowledge with search-and-find activity; and, elevates their skills with a thought-provoking takeaway. 

For just $15, the basic toolkit contains:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Lesson plan outline
  • Decoding food labels handout
  • How to cook healthy at home handout

For just $20, the upgraded toolkit contains:

  • All of the above
  • PLUS a full script complete with talking points, directions, and question prompts!

As a perfect accompaniment to this workshop, I encourage you to check out my Herbs & Spices Guide which shows clients or workshop participants exactly how to flavor their food to reflect a variety of different cuisines WITHOUT using salt! You can find it right here on Well Resourced Dietitian Marketplace for only $7.00! 

This lesson is ideal for families, but can also be used with adults-only classes, and classes with children ages 10+. It can be customized to different age and literacy levels.

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to creating engaging and dynamic workshops, check out my Build the Perfect Workshop guidebook right here on Well Resourced Dietitian Marketplace that walks you through creating your very own for just $5.00!

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