One of most important aspects of managing kidney disease is blood pressure control, and that often starts with teaching clients about sodium. Answer all your clients’ most common questions about sodium with this visually pleasing handout!

This two-page handout explains exactly what sodium is, offers an easy to understand explanation of how it’s related to kidney health, and provides practical tips on how to avoid getting too much (including specific types of foods to look out for). You’ll help your clients learn how much salt is recommended in a day, per NKF’s recommendations, and guidance on how much to consume for snacks or meals. It also answers the commonly asked question – are certain kinds of salt, such as sea salt, better than regular table salt? Finally, I added an important disclaimer an explanation of why a “low sodium” diet is not a “no sodium” diet, and potential risks of being overly restrictive.

This handout includes:

  • What Is Sodium?
  • Link Between Sodium & The Kidneys
  • Tips To Avoid Getting Too Much Sodium
  • Daily Recommended Sodium Allowance
  • Types Of Foods That Tend To Be High Sodium
  • Sodium Guidelines For Meals & Snacks
  • Are Certain Types of Salt Better?
  • Risks Of Overly Restricting Salt

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