Potassium has long been one of the trickiest aspects of managing kidney disease and helping patients understand the renal diet. In particular, clients interested in a plant-based diet for kidney disease may have concerns about the potassium content in plant-based foods. Help them feel comfortable with a plant-based diet for kidney disease by utilizing this handout!

This 3-page patient education handout  explains exactly what potassium is, why it’s important, causes/symptoms of high potassium, and information about identifying potassium in foods. The 3rd page includes a comprehensive list of 125+ plant-based foods and their potassium content (compiled from USDA FoodData Central) – sorted by high, moderate, and low potassium foods, and arranged by food type (fruit, vegetable, etc.).

This handout includes:

  • My Potassium Needs
  • What Is Potassium?
  • Symptoms Of High Potassium
  • Causes Of High Potassium
  • Types Of Foods High In Potassium
  • Potassium Food Additives
  • How To Remember Which Foods Have Potassium
  • List of Potassium Content of 125+ Plant-Based Foods

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